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It's Monday, What Are You Reading? / #FitReaders Check In - February 29, 2016

Made it through another week!  Have you noticed that pretty much all of my posts have started that way?  Well, I've come to accept that this is the new normal for me...or at least it will be for many, many years to come!

I've decided to combine my #FitReaders posts with my Monday check in posts.  Fridays are my busiest days of the week and I was just having too much trouble finding a pocket of time to do that post.  I'll also be changing my "weeks" from Friday-Thursday to Sunday-Saturday.  I might be missing some info in February while I do this...well, I know I'm missing info...

I upgraded my phone this week, which ended up being a huge headache.  Part of this mess up was that I lost some of my FitBit data AND my "proof" of my February 5K., you'll have take my word on it...

February Goals:
1. At least 81,000 steps/week
Sunday - 7959 Steps (3.58 miles)
Monday - 5571 Steps (2.5 miles)
Tuesday - 9294 Steps (4.18 miles)
Wednesday - 8129 Steps (3.65 miles)
Thursday - 6225 Steps (2.8 miles)
Friday - 5559 Steps (2.5 miles)
Saturday - 11,285 Steps (5.07 miles)
TOTAL: 54,022 Steps (24.28 miles)
Folks, I haven't met this goal once this month.  Sigh...

2. At least 2 dedicated workouts
Well, I did get one workout in yesterday.....

3. Complete the #FitReaders Virtual 5K at some point this month
I did this yesterday...and I took a picture of the workout summary on the treadmill...then everything hit the fan with my phone and the picture vanished.  So, I have no proof.  Sigh....  As I said, you'll have to take my word for it.

So, February wasn't a good month for my goals.  Even when I did complete a goal (the 5K) it didn't completely work out.

The good news is that March will be better.  Because I did so badly on my goals this month, I'm going to keep the same goals for March.

Now, onto the books!

Right Now, I'm reading:
The Two-Family House by Lynda Cohen Loigman
I only started this last night, so I can't say much about it right now.  It is about a Jewish family, and I actually really enjoy Jewish literature, so I'm expecting it to be pretty good.  I have to get it done quickly, though.--I'm hoping to have a review up on March 8th!

The Last Anniversary by Liane Moriarty
I started this one a while ago and put it aside. I decided to give it another try and it's working a little better for me this time around.  Still, it hasn't pulled me in like some of Moriarty's other books, so we'll see how it develops.

A Slip of the Keyboard by Terry Pratchett
Yep, still working on it!  As I say every week, this is my "toilet" books.  Because the essays are almost all fairly short, it makes for good bathroom reading!

Right now, I'm listening to:
The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins
I really wish I that I hadn't already read this book.  When I read it last year, I didn't particularly like it.  However, the narration for the audiobook is outstanding and I think I would have enjoyed the book more if I had listened to it rather than read it.

Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow
So, guess what....remember that phone issue I had?  Well, one other nasty side effect is that it "lost" where I was in this book.  Yes, just this one...the 37 hour audiobook (it kept the bookmark for The Girl on the Train), so I guess I'm starting this one over again.....sigh! I'd probably get through it faster if I would turn off the Hamilton cast album!

Last week, I read:
Modern Girls by Jennifer S. Brown (review April 5, 2016)
This was my first e-galley from Penguin's "First to Read" program.  I won't say much about the book (because I want you to come back and read my review!), but I found the app I had to use--Bluefire--to read the book to be a pain.  I wish that their e-galleys were compatible with either Kindle (ha ha!  I know that will never happen) or Kobo.  Just opening the file was a challenge!

I'm Glad About You by Theresa Rebeck (review March 3, 2016)
Again, I won't say much as the review is going up on Thursday.  I will tell you this...there will be a giveaway!

So, that's my week.  Here's hoping for a calmer one with fewer technical issues coming up!

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