Friday, March 4, 2016

Saturday Snapshot - March 5

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My son is, ahem, blessed with hard to fit feet.  Because of this, there is only one store in town where I can get shoes for him and, because he's a boy, it is far from his favorite errand to head out there.  But, his old shoes were too small and falling apart--and, frankly, he needs to learn to tie shoes, so off we went.

Out of the entire store, these were the ONLY two styles that fit him,  And, of course, they were two of the most expensive.  Sigh!  He walked around in the mismatched styles for a while before opting for the green pair.
He sort of behaved through the whole process and it was only mildly painful for all involved.  The shoe store is just across from the Lego store in the mall, so I used that as an incentive for him and, in the end, we made a trip over there.

The Lego store is a little crazy, honestly.  But, he enjoyed it and it gave the "Easter Bunny" a chance to buy some egg stuffers.  And I'm sure that this little display will give me nightmares for weeks to come...

Wrong.  Just wrong!

The Easter Bunny ended up spending enough at the store that we got a free little kit that we put together at home...something my son was VERY proud of!

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