Monday, April 11, 2016

It's Monday, What Are You Reading? / #FitReaders Check In - April 11, 2016

Yep, I'm late on this...but for a good reason.  Well, for a different reason than I usually give.  My husband is working on our taxes, and TurboTax is loaded on my laptop, so it has been otherwise occupied and I just haven't been able to get online to write this post...

And, yes, we are still working on them!

April Goals:
1 - At least 81,000 steps/week
Sunday, 4/3 - 12,516 steps (5.62 miles)
Monday, 4/4 - 11,270 steps (5.06 miles)
Tuesday, 4/5 - 6172 steps (2.77 miles)
Wednesday, 4/6 - 13,725 steps (6.17 miles)
Thursday, 4/7 -6708 steps (3.01 miles)
Friday, 4/8 - 5946 steps (2.67 miles)
Saturday 4/9 - 14,477 steps (6.5 miles)
TOTAL: 70,814 steps (34.8 miles)

2 - At least 2 dedicated workouts a week***
First off, I did actually complete that this week!  I was able to get to the gym twice, one time for my April 5K.  However, I am actually going to change this goal.  I am having some piriformis issues at the moment, which makes many kinds of exercise incredibly painful.  However, one thing that doesn't hurt (that much) and actually helps is yoga.  So, this goal is now 4 days of yoga, which I also did accomplish this week.

3 - Complete the #FitReaders Virtual 5k at some point this month

This ended up being a busier than expected week, so I didn't get quite as much reading done as I would have liked, but such is life!

Right Now, I'm reading:
The Stepford Wives by Ira Levin
I really should be done with this one by now but, as I said, reading time this week was limited.  I am enjoying it--more than I thought it would.  I will say that already knowing the story probably makes the plot less impactful than it could be, but it is definitely still worth the read.  This is going to sound like a criticism, but it really isn't--I love how dated it is.  I mean, some books do not age well, some books are timeless, and some books--like this one--able to transition from "contemporary" to "historical" quite seamlessly.

Wish Upon a Wedding by Luann McLane
I'm going to be honest here--I'm not sure if I'm going to continue with this one.  When I requested it from Netgalley (yeah, dropped my no-Netgalley resolution...), I didn't realize it was the 10th in a series.  Even if books are standalone-ish, it is still sometimes hard to get into it if you are that far done the line.  Also, McLane so far is having a pretty serious problem telling instead of showing and it is driving me bonkers.  I'm interested enough in the set up of the story to keep going...for now.  But who knows how long that will last.

A Slip of the Keyboard by Terry Pratchett
Still plugging along...

Right now, I'm listening to:
Is It Just Me? by Miranda Hart
So, do you know who Miranda Hart is?  Well, she's one of the funniest human beings on the planet, but I think her fame is limited in the US.  She has been on Call the Midwife (and will be again next season!!!!), appeared in a recent Melissa McCarthy movie (The Spy, which I have yet to see) and her eponymous television comedy is streaming through Acorn TV.  But, really, she should be better known as she is freaking hilarious!

As You Wish: Inconceivable Tales from the Making of The Princess Bride by Cary Elwes
I try to avoid doing 2 audiobooks at the same time, but we are currently a one-car family, which means my husband and I are spending more time driving kids around.  I've learned that, unless my husband is really interested in whatever is playing, he will talk through anything.  The Princess Bride is one of his favorite movies, so we've been playing this when both of us, but not both of the kids are in the car (when both kids are in the car, it is always a Harry Potter book!).

Last week, I finished reading:
Wedding Girl by Stacey Ballis (finished 4/8, review 5/3)
This book took me longer to read than necessary because of the f@#*ing BlueFire reader.  Man, I hate that thing--but it is the only thing I can use to open my books from First to Read, so I'm stuck.  I think I've complained about that every week for, well, weeks now--but trust me, the pain endures!

Last week, I finished listening to:
Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes (finished 4/6, review 5/12)
I think I pushed through this audiobook faster than any other.  Folks, this one is fantastic--one of those "I can change my life, too!" sorts of things.  I won't say more, because I want you to read the review.  But I will give you this sneak into that post: there will be .gifs galore!

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