Friday, April 1, 2016

Saturday Snapshot - April 2

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I'm back from sunny Arizona!  My parents moved there about 10 years ago and we go there most Spring Break for a visit (we missed last year because of my husband's work schedule), because there is no place lovelier in March than Arizona--especially when you come from the rainy Pacific Northwest.

When we visit, the hubs and I usually take the kids out for an outing each day so my parents can have a break!  Our first day trip this time was to Tombstone.  We had gone before and, honestly, it isn't my favorite place.  I spent 4 years at school in Williamsburg and, when it comes to historical preservation/recreation, no place does it better than Colonial Williamsburg.  Because of that, I have a very high standard for such places and Tombstone is far too touristy to measure up.  However, I was game for it only because I have a book to read and review coming up set in Tombstone and I thought it would be a good opportunity to get me in the mood (the book is Last Woman Standing and the review will be up on 7/20).

So, here are a few pics of our trip...

Boothill is probably one of the best places to visit in Tombstone.  Here is my daughter, standing by the grave of Tombstone's most notorious prostitute.  Ahhhh, vacation memories.

Tombstone is, of course, famous for the shootout at the OK Corral...and here are some of the participants!

One of the less famous, but definitely more interesting, things in Tombstone is the world's large Rose Tree.  It was planted 131 years ago and is now over 8600 square feet (and it smells heavenly!).  This is from the "lookout" behind it...using the selfie stick.  You'll be seeing more about the selfie stick in weeks to come.

And here is the "trunk" of the rose tree...with my son to show you how big it is!
The three places we visited were Boot Hill, the Rose Tree Museum (both are worth a visit) and then I went by myself into the Birdcage Theater.  I have some pictures from that BUT I'm supposed to get written permission to post them so, well, I'm not going to post them.  Honestly, they aren't that impressive--it is one of those museums where it seems like some grandmother's attic vomited everywhere.  I can't really say it was worth the $10 admission, except that now I'm not curious about it!

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