Friday, April 22, 2016

Saturday Snapshot - April 23

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Another Saturday, another post about our Arizona vacation!

This next day trip was actually a new one to us.  Every year, we've talked about going up to Kitt Peak Observatory but this was the first year we actually made the trip.  Of course, after the drive up to the observatory, my husband informed me that it would be the ONLY time we would come.  Let's just say the road up is...harrowing.  Still, it was a fascinating stop for us.

I'm not even exactly sure what you would call this, but it is impressive...and a great place for a picture.

Just so you all can check to see if your alma mater uses the observatory (mine does not...)

Ooooh, science!  

In the background is the world's largest Solar Telescope.  Unfortunately, we missed the viewing by only a few minutes, but we were still able to visit the telescope.

One of the views from Kitt Peak

My husband really, really loves that selfie stick!  

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