Friday, June 17, 2016

FTF: 3 Shows Well-Worth the Stream

This is a post that I meant to put up weeks ago, but hadn't really figured out exactly how I wanted it until now.  But, since we are now in Summer--prime Streaming season--I thought I'd put out there 3 shows that are well-worth you time.  2 of these are complete and the 3rd has aired its 4th (but not final) season.

And you have all summer to catch up on them...

House of Cards (Netflix, 4 seasons so far)
Yeah, so this isn't a big surprise as it is a well-known series, but it is worth all the hype.  The acting is amazing, the writing is top notch, and the last scene of Season 4 was the most chilling thing I've ever seen on TV.  No, you can't just start in season 4 - and seasons 2 and 3 aren't as good as seasons 1 and 4, but trust me, you'll want to watch the whole thing.

I will say I'm a little worried that my husband is so fond of Frank Underwood--the guy is thoroughly devious.  However, I'm far more worried about the fact that, if he were actually running for President, I'd probably vote for him.

This trailer is a mishmash of all 4 seasons and will give you a better feel for the show than a trailer of just the first episode.

Alpha House (Amazon, 2 seasons)
So, if Frank Underwood is not your thing, perhaps Gil John Biggs is.  Alpha House is, in many ways, the polar opposite of House of Cards.  Here we have Republicans (old-school Republicans, not Tea-Party-ers, which does come up), and it is a comedy.  It's only 2 seasons, which is a travesty--not only because it is one of the funniest shows I've seen, but also because it ends of a bit of cliff-hanger (at least 2 of the senators are going to run for President).

The premise is about 4 GOP senators who share a weekend house--one of them owns it and the other three crash there while they are in DC.  It's rolls in a lot of current events and makes fun of some of the more ridiculous things in the US government--and who doesn't love that?

One little warning:  In about the 3rd episode of the first season, there is a warning that the episode contains nudity.  That nudity comes compliments of John Goodman.  Consider yourself warned.

No, my next choice is NOT The West Wing or Veep (although I am slowly working through The West Wing).  Instead, let's go down to the other side of the world.

A while ago, I wrote how I had to drop my once-favorite show, Grimm.  Not only had the quality of the show taken a nosedive in many ways, but they also decided to run some story lines that I found incredibly offensive (let's just say the creators of that show have no clue what "consent" means).  Then, my friend recommended this gem from New Zealand to me, and all was right in my viewing world again....

The Almighty Johnsons (Netflix, 3 seasons)
So, here's the premise.  The Norse Gods took human form and are living in New Zealand.  Once their bodily host turns 21, the come into their "god-ness."  Yes, you read that right.  And, trust me, these gods (well, Thor and Loki) are not at all what Marvel would give us.

I loved this show--it gave me all the same feels as Grimm...and then I started to see similarities...and more similarities...and, well, at some points it was pretty much the same show.  Except The Almighty Johnsons succeeds where Grimm does a massive face-plant.  Also--and I checked this--whenever something happens that shows up on both shows, it always aired on The Almighty Johnsons first...sometimes months or even a year or two first.  So, if you have watched Grimm and feel this this one feels like a knock-off, just remember that THIS SHOW CAME FIRST.

Another little warning....this trailer is a bit NSFW so, again, consider yourself warned...

Also, I had no problem understanding the New Zealand accents, but some might--in which case you can just turn on the subtitles....

So, now that I've finished all these and only have 2 shows in my current stream (The West Wing and Jane the Virgin) I need some recommendations...what are some of your favorite stream-worthy shows?

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