Sunday, June 19, 2016

It's Monday, What Are You Reading? / #FitReaders Check In - June 20, 2016

Welcome to Summer! I mean, it has been "summer" for us for a couple of weeks now, but now it is Summer--with a capital S!  Yay!

So, I'm still making progress towards my goals.  Maybe I'll have them down by the end of the month!  Oh, and if you want to friend me on Fitbit, I'm at

1 - 70,000 steps a week
Sunday, 6/12 - 10,050 steps (4.52 miles)
Monday, 6./13 - 8225 steps (3.7 miles)
Tuesday, 6/14 - 8421 steps (3.78 miles)
Wednesday, 6/15 - 10,073 steps (4.53 miles)
Thursday, 6/16 - 5614 steps (2.52 miles)
Friday, 6/17 - 10,000 steps*
Saturday, 6/18  - 13,094 steps (5.88 miles)
TOTAL: 65,477 steps

*So, here's the deal on Friday.  I know that I had over 10K steps but my FitBit quit syncing that evening.  This happens now and then and usually it is just a matter of resetting my device,  However, when I reset it this time, it erased all my unsynced data!  So, FitBit says I only walked about 7500 steps that day.  Sigh...

2 - 2 Strength Training Workout Each Week
I got one in!

3 - 96 ounces of water a day
Officially, I have 2 days where I met this goal.  But, again, I'm not always the best with tracking my water.

This was a busy-ish week for me, so I didn't get in as much reading as I would like.

Right Now, I'm Reading:
In Twenty Years by Allison Winn Scotch
I have a stack of books I'm reading for blog tours coming up and this is the first of them.  I'm not far into it yet, but I'm enjoying it.  It's very The Big Chill-ish, except all the characters are my age.  (Okay, I'm about the age of the characters in The Big Chill, but I was about 8 when that movie came out, so they all seem very old to me!)

Dietland by Sarai Walker
This is the July book for my book club.  Normally I wait until the meeting before is done before I start the next book, but I'm looking at having a bit of a book crunch in July, so I opted to start this one a bit early.

Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow
Yep, still working on this one.  Still in the American Revolution...

Right Now, I'm Listening To:
Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, narrated by Thandie Newton
Honestly, I'm way behind on my podcasts so this one has been pushed to the back burner for a bit.

Last week, I finished reading:
When We Touch (Whiskey Creek #0.5) by Brenda Novak (finished 6/13, review 6/23)
This was a quickie--just a romance novella.  But, with all my scheduled reading, it was just what I needed.

So You've Been Publicly Shamed by Jon Ronson (finished 6/16, review 6/28)
This is the book I'll be discussing on Thursday with my book club and I'm still trying to figure out what I thought of it.  I do think there is a lot to discuss, I just need to wrap my head around it.

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