Friday, June 10, 2016

Saturday Snapshot - June 11

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So, this was a big week for us--we're finally on summer break!  My daughter's last day of school was Thursday (my son's was a couple of weeks ago), so now we're trying to adjust to our lack of schedule.  Here are some fun pics from the week:

Here's a comparison pic of my daughter on her first day of 1st grade versus her last day of 2nd grade.  She's still wearing the same clothes (the same shorts, same size and style of shirt), but you can see how she's grown!

I made these chains for the kids to countdown the days until they go back to school.  Okay, maybe they aren't JUST for the kids....

The weather turned cold, windy, and rainy for the first day of summer break (figures!), so I took the kids to a pizza parlor with an indoor playground.  They ran for 2.5 hours, breaking only for lunch, and I got a good chunk of reading done!

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