Friday, June 24, 2016

Saturday Snapshot - June 25

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We had a wonderful Father's wonderful, that I'm going to spread it over 2 weeks of Saturday Snapshot posts!  When I asked the hubs how he wanted to spend the day, he suggested that we go to Silver Creek Falls for a hike.  Silver Creek Falls is a state park that I grew up visiting and it is gorgeous.  Honestly, it rivals many National Parks.  There are 10 falls in the park and there is a trail that visits all of them.  However, that trail is quite long--too long to do with the kids--so we just did the "South Falls Loop," which goes behind the most famous of the falls.  We had also planned to drive to another part of the park and hike down to the North Falls, but that parking lot was full so we're going to save it for another day.

We always have to take a picture at this sign.

Ready to get started on our hike.

The South Falls...and yes, you do walk behind it!

The kids found some rocks to climb on behind the falls (due to the lighting, it was actually rather tricky to get good pictures back there)

The South Falls

All done with the hike and ready for the next adventure!

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