Friday, June 3, 2016

Saturday Snapshot - June 4

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Last weekend, my husband took me and my father-in-law wine tasting.  Our little corner of the country has some of the best wine in the world, and most of it comes from smaller, family-run wineries.  There are hundreds of wineries near us, but we visited 5 (although I forgot to take pictures at the first winery). We used to go wine tasting fairly often...then we had kids.  So, when we had the chance last weekend, we jumped on it!

The view from "A Blooming Hill Vineyard"
A photo op from Adiri Winery.  We actually didn't taste here, but we did check out the view.

The view from J. Albin Winery (soon to be called Six Peaks Winery).  This was probably my favorite stop.

Our last stop was Raptor Ridge Winery...and, yes, we saw some raptors!

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