Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Summer Comment Challenge - July

I can't believe that we're going into the second month of this challenge already!  I've been participating in June and loving it!  I've been paired up with Kathryn from Book Date, which has been great fun as we have very similar tastes in reading and my TBR has been growing from her posts.

But, July will soon be upon us...

I'm signing up again for July and looking forward to being paired with another blogger (although I'll still comment on Kathryn's blog).  Lonna and Alicia have set up two levels--5-10 comments/month and 11-20 comments a month.  I chose the lower level, only because my life sometimes becomes unexpectedly busy and I want to give myself a little extra leeway.

I'm truly enjoying this unique challenge and I would recommend it to any of you book bloggers looking for a way to enhance your blog.  If you'd like to sign up for July, you can do so by June 21st at either FLYLēF or  A Kernel of Nonsense.

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