Friday, July 29, 2016

Saturday Snapshot - July 30

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As I mentioned in one of my Monday update posts, we took a little trip to Salem, Oregon (my hometown) for their annual Art Festival.  This event is held in Bush Pasture Park, which is a simply gorgeous space in downtown Salem.  I attended this every year growing up, but now I only get a chance to go every couple of years.  That may not be a bad thing because I do really appreciate it now when I visit it as an adult.

I don't have any pictures of the actual art--many of the artists ask that you not take pictures (everything is for sale), so it is just easier to not take pictures in the stalls.  Still, I got a few fun pics.

This is the rose garden at Bush Park.  I actually prefer this garden to the International Test Garden in Portland.

The newly spiffed-up playground--where the kids spent most of the day while I checked out the art.

Who is Salem's most infamous resident?  Why, it is Owlcapone, of course!  Have you never heard of him?  Well, both Anderson Cooper and Rachel Maddow have covered him and, of course, he has his own Facebook page!

My kids loved these hammocks!  Of course, they wanted us to buy them each one but, um, now...

And, of course, there was face painting.  After what happened last time, though, we decided the kids should only have a small design.

Unicorns are the coolest...

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