Sunday, August 7, 2016

It's Monday, What Are You Reading? / #FitReaders Check In - August 8, 2016

I feel like I'm writing this from a runway--and, in a way, I am.  The Air Show is going on this weekend and we've had quite a few very loud planes flying over our house.  My husband took the kids to the show on Friday night, but I passed.  Frankly, it just isn't my thing--well, I guess it is my thing insofar as my husband takes the kids out of the house for the evening!

Other than that, our summer is winding down.  My daughter finished her last camp on Friday--she had fun, but I'm not sure we'll do that camp again in the future.  There were just too many disorganized issues about it.  She did attend another Girl Scout camp earlier in the summer (for the 2nd year) that ran smoother than a German train, so that one we will definitely attend again.

Now, of course, I have to start gearing up for the kids to start school again.  I have some projects around the house that I'd like to at least start, if not finish, before then--but so far they are still just on the to-do list!

Anyway, enough of my blathering--here are my weekly updates.

1 - At least 77,000 steps a week
Sunday, 7/31 - 11,620 steps (5.22 miles)
Monday, 8/1 - 11,919 steps (5.76 miles)
Tuesday, 8/2 - 5975 steps (2.68 miles) Spent this day reading Harry Potter!
Wednesday, 8/3 - 11,036 steps (5.33 miles)
Thursday, 8/4 - 10,102 steps (4.54 miles)
Friday, 8/5 - 5,764 steps (2.59 miles)
Saturday, 8/6 - 12,065 steps (5.44 miles)
TOTAL: 68,480 steps (31.56 miles)
So, not the best week--but not terrible

2 - At least 2 strength training workouts
I got 3 in!

3 - At least 96 ounces of water a day
I hit this one once this week.  I don't know why, but I sort of top out at 72 ounces.  Maybe 96 is just asking too much!

As is my new thing, I discuss this aspect of my life more in my weekly vlog

Right Now, I'm Reading:
The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh
I finally go to this one last night.  I was a little worried because so many people had commented on a past post when I said I was going to read this one with how much they loved it.  Let's face it--hype doesn't always pay out.  But, I was immediately sucked into this one and I think you all were right!  It is going to be fabulous!

Truly Madly Guilty by Liane Moriarty
I had to back off from this for a little bit because there were a few too many similarities in structure with another book I was reading (The Girls in the Garden)  I was starting to mix up in my mind what happened with which book.  Now that I'm done with the other book, I can concentrate on this one again.

Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow
Still plugging along...

Last week, I finished:
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Parts One and Two by J.K. Rowling, John Tiffany, and Jack Thorne (finished 8/2)
I think it took me 2.5 hours of reading time to get this one done and it was worth every minute.  I'm not going to review it on the blog because I think people have all already read it or are intentionally not reading it because they will be seeing the play.  All I will say is this:  I enjoyed it, but I do think it would be better on stage.  I also really, really, really want to see it because I'm desperate to know how all the "magic" takes place!

The Girls in the Garden by Lisa Jewell (finished 8/6, review 8/25)
I've already written up my review of this one, but I'm still scratching my head about it a bit.  I'm really looking forward for the tour to start up so I can read what my fellow bloggers thought of it.

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