Friday, August 5, 2016

Saturday Snapshot - August 6

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First off, I'm sorry this post is a little late.  We've been having internet (well, more likely it is the router) issues....

A couple weekends ago, we went up to visit family in Washington and we spent one day exploring around Port Angeles.  Our first stop was the Salt Creek Recreation area, because my husband heard that there were fantastic tide pools there.

At Salt Creek.  See that in the background?  That's Canada!  Of course, my cell phone thought I was already in Canada as, shortly after I took this picture, I started getting all sorts of international roaming warnings.

So, when we went to explore, this is what we found.  There are great tide pools down there, but it looked far too dangerous for my son (who isn't always the most aware kid...).  So, he and I went up to the playground--which is what he really wanted anyway--and my husband and brother-in-law took my daughter to look for sea creatures.

The first of many, many deer we saw that day.

My husband exploring the tide pools 
My daughter found a teensy-weensy sea star!

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