Friday, September 9, 2016

Saturday Snapshot - September 10

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Wow...this week has been crazy busy in our household.  In fact, I'm writing this post up on Thursday because I know that I won't have a chance to put it together tomorrow....Oh well, such is the first few weeks of school.

As I've mentioned, my son started Kindergarten this year and, because of that, we're doing more "scheduled" reading.  I've always read to him, but in the past it has been more of just picking up a book when we have a free moment.  Now, we have scheduled "reading time"  (followed by "iPad time"....) each night.   Anyway, I was looking through my camera roll and found a couple of pictures of his selections...

So, this book has a funny story.  One of my friends (whose daughter is a friend of my daughter's) had posted on Facebook that her daughter checks this book out from the school library whenever she can and has been doing so since Kindergarten (she's in 2nd grade).  The next week, my son came home with the same book!  It's actually a pretty interesting book about volcanoes, with a lot of information about Mt. St. Helens, which my kids know about and have visited.
(Volcanoes! Mountains of Fire (Step-Into-Reading, Step 4)  by Eric Arnold)

My son picked this one out of our public library and I am...not at all surprised.  What kid DOESN'T like a book about a guy famous for his farts?  Oh, and it is a true story!  Seriously!
(Fartiste by Kathleen Krull and Paul Brewer)

Anyway, we've had fun reading these and I'll keep an eye out for more of his favorites to share with you all in the weeks to come!

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