Wednesday, October 26, 2016

CD Review: "Superhero" by The Laurie Berkner Band

Superhero The Laurie Berkner Band
Released: September 23, 2016
Genre: Children's Music
Source: Laurie Berkner / Waldmania!
Highly Recommended

The weather is (finally) turning fall-like, which means that my kids are spending more time inside instead of burning off all their energy outside.  While, as my kids get a bit older (they are currently ages 6 and 7), they are better at finding ways to entertain themselves.  Yet, sometimes, I need to give them something where they can move their bodies without breaking bones or furniture, and this is when the CD Player comes into play.

Frankly, my kids had been listening to the Hamilton cast album--which is great music...but I realized I had better not let them listen to it enough that they actually memorize all the lyrics and then repeat them at school.  Then, Superhero came on the scene.

We've been fans of the Laurie Berkner Band since my oldest was a baby and her grandma gave us a couple of her CD's.  When the kids were in preschool, LBB music was part of their daily routine.  Until my daughter tried to discover how CD's work, the LBB lullaby album sang her to sleep every night.   However, I was worried that they might be (gasp!) too old for it.  After all, they are Hamilton fans....

Well, apparently The Laurie Berkner Band is one of those acts you just can't outgrow.  This CD is like a beacon for my kids.  As soon as I turn it on, they magically appear in our family room to dance and dance and dance.  Heck, most of the time I join them!  This CD, my friends, is pure joy.

If you are familiar with previous work by The Laurie Berkner Band, you will not be disappointed.  The songs on this album are very much in line with the music included on previous albums.  There are also references to older songs, as well as a remix of "We Are the Dinosaurs," which is one of my son's favorite songs.  Yet, it still has its own flair and doesn't just blend in with the existing LBB works.

This is a CD I would give to pretty much any kid--it's fun, upbeat, and it won't annoy the parents who are listening along.  In fact, I would bet that you'll find yourself singing along to it.  Christmas is coming, and this is an excellent gift idea for the kids in your life.

I received a copy of this CD in return for an honest review.  I received no other compensation for this post.

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