Friday, November 11, 2016

Saturday Snapshot - November 12

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As I promised two weeks ago, I'm back with the rest of the pictures from our first visit to OMSI as members.

Right now, my son is fascinated with space.  They were talking about the solar system in school, so I was curious to see if his interest switched to the next thing they studied, but--no--he's still all about space.  When we got our OMSI memberships, we didn't even know they had to a Space exhibit going--talk about great luck!   We ended up spending probably half of the day with just that exhibit...

Here it is...the space toilet.  My kids were oddly (or maybe not so oddly) fascinated with it

This is the thing that turns urine into drinking water....

My son with a replica of the International Space Station

My kids...on Mars

The purpose of this was to use a robotic arm to perform a simple task (picking up a small ball) was not to stick your tongue out at your brother

Inside the repilca of the Destiny Lab of the ISS

Finding out how much Peanut Butter weighs on different planets...

This planet display was excellent!

Next week, I'll have a few pictures from our second trip to OMSI (although none of the pictures were taken inside OMSI....)

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