Friday, November 25, 2016

Saturday Snapshot - November 26

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I hope all of you who celebrate Thanksgiving have recovered!  I am writing this up on Thanksgiving evening and I'm about to slip into a food coma!  However, we have a big day planned tomorrow (which will probably show up as next week's Saturday Snapshot), so I thought I had better write up this post now just in case time gets away from me tomorrow.

So, here it is...our Thanksgiving!  We had a small gathering, which was great and probably the least stressful T-day I've had in a while. The turkey finished cooking way earlier than I expected, but no big deal....we just ate dinner early and took a longer break before hitting the pies.

Yes, my daughter is dressed as a pilgrim!  I got this for her last year when her school did a Thanksgiving celebration and it is still too big.  She nay be dressed as a pilgrim next year as well!  Alice, well...Alice matches.  And, you can't hear it here, but she wasn't happy about it!

Alice was also not too happy about me changing the tablecloth and setting the table.

My son is such an Oregonian!  It has been raining HARD all day, but that doesn't stop him.

Time to chow down!  

She ate the WHOLE THING (and about 10 servings of fruit salad!)

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