Friday, December 16, 2016

Saturday Snapshot - December 17

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So, we are officially on Christmas Break.  We were supposed to be on break as of 3pm on Friday, but it ended up being from 3pm on Wednesday--thanks to more snow!  The kids are excited to have a few more days off--and I'm excited to be able to sleep in a bit more, so that's good.  Supposedly, we're getting more snow and ice tonight, but we shall see.  As I've said, the Pacific Northwest doesn't do well with even the slightest extreme weather.

This first pic was from what ended up being the last day of school.  I went to volunteer in my son's classroom to help them build gingerbread houses.  He is having fun, but  I was very nervously watching the snow accumulate outside....

That evening--and then the next day--my husband took the kids sledding.  By sledding, I mean he pulled them on sleds.  We live in a very flat neighborhood, so no hills!   The next afternoon, he took them to a nearby park with hills. However, the snow was starting to turn to ice by then.

So, who knows...I might have more snow pictures next week!

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