Friday, January 13, 2017

Saturday Snapshot - January 14

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So...I've been complaining in the past about some winter storms we've had.  I have to say that, well, I've learned my lesson.  This week, we've been hit by an actual winter storm--enough that my kids have only had 1 day of school this week.  We had record-breaking snowfall on Tuesday night and Wednesday (here, we had about 8 inches, but some places were in excess of a foot)--and then things got cold and the temperature is gong to stay below freezing until Monday.  Then, the temperatures rise quickly and we get heavy rain--which means next week I might be posting flood pictures (we get catastrophic floods about every 20-30 years, and our last one was in 1996--so we're in the window!)

Anyway, before we float away, here are some snow pictures!

One of our neighbors lost a tree....

Alice is not a fan of puts a serious damper on her escape plans!

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