Friday, March 10, 2017

Saturday Snapshot - March 11

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Welcome back to our most recent Arizona trip!  I have another National Park post-well, a National Historic Park.  I'm actually splitting this up into 2 posts, so be sure to come back next week for the second half.  I'm also going a little out of order with these posts, but I'll explain why in my 3/25 post.

On this day, we visited Tumacacori National Historic Park.  This was a mission settled by Jesuit Missionaries in the 18th century (the first missionaries were in the area in the 17th century) and was in use until the mid-19th century.  I'd been here several years ago, but we had not visited since our kids were born.  We figured they were old enough now to enjoy it--and they did!  We took the "Junior Rangers" self-guided tour, so the information was at their level and they were very engaged.  And, at the end, they got to make their own tortillas!

$5 is pretty cheap for a National Park--but we had our NPS Annual Pass, so we didn't even have to pay that!

The mission

Looking up to the altar

The remains of the store room

Another view of the Mission 
My kids learning how to make tortillas!

There is also access to the Anza River at the Mission....but I'm saving those pictures for next week!

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