Friday, March 24, 2017

Saturday Snapshot - March 25

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So, here are the last pictures from our recent trip to Arizona.  These were actually taken before our trip to Tumacacori.  However, I decided to post them afterwards because when the Mission at Tumacacori was abandoned, everyone moved up to San Xavier del Bac (on the San Xavier reservation, right outside of Tucson).

We stop here every time we visit and it is always just as beautiful.

Obligatory picture of my daughter in front of the Mission.

The pictures really do not do it justice

The Last Supper, one of the many frescoes.

The Mission is still an operating church and we got there only shortly before the evening Mass (we're not Catholic, so we didn't stay...)

In the courtyard, they have FRY BREAD!  This is my "must have" treat!

While I was eating my fry bread, my husband took the kids up the hill next to the Mission.  I would have gone with them, but then I would have had to share my fry bread.

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