Friday, June 9, 2017

Saturday Snapshot - June 10

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Every year, I seem to forget how hectic the last few days of school are.  This year was doubly so, thanks to the fact that it is the first year that both kids are in school full-time.  Well, were in school full time.  Yes, folks...we are now in summer mode.  Thursday was the kids' last day of school and here are a few pics of the day...

Our tradition is that we go out for lunch on the last day of school (which is a half-day).  This year, my son chose a local Mexican restaurant or, as he calls it, "the chip place."

This is a pretty important picture--it is the first time my son ever picked up a book without being prompted and actually READ it (instead of just looking at the pictures).  It's amazing to think that he was still working on learning his letters at the beginning of the school year!

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