Sunday, July 2, 2017

It's Monday...What Are You Reading - July 3 #IMWAYR

Guess what!  I survived VBS* week!  It always seems like such an accomplishment when we're all done, but my kids love it and I feel like I should help out (until my daughter is old enough to be youth helper, then it is all on her!).

Anyway, VBS is one of those physically, mentally, and emotionally tiring experiences for me, so I didn't do much besides that this week.  My daughter did end up have 3 play dates (which my son loved as he got me to himself for 2 of those play dates).  Two days out from the end of VBS and I'm still recovering!  Oh, and you'll see how this all was reflected in my reading below.

Oh, one more thing.  Last week, I talked about some changes I was making to this blog and how I do things around here.    Among the changes was that I would be doing fewer book reviews and any books that I would review in sort of a "traditional" way would be solicited.  I also mentioned that I would be more selective so, you know...don't expect too many.

Well, I wish I had looked at my schedule before I said that.  My plan for the summer is 3 posts a week--the Saturday Snapshot, this Monday update, and something else.  This coming week will be a non-book post (all about television, with a foray into rant land...) but then it looks like I have nothing but book reviews for the rest of the month!  So, yes, I am making just won't seem like it for a while!

*VBS is Vacation Bible School--basically a day camp many churches do.  It's great fun, full of songs that will never leave your head, but oh-so-tiring!

Anyway, on to this weeks, update:

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Why, yes, that is same the collage from last week...because I did not finish a stinkin' thing this week.

Now, to be fair, I did make time for some reading (although not as much as I would have liked, thank you VBS), but here is the problem.  My next review is Kiss Carlo on July 11th and that book is HUGE!  I realized that, at the rate I was going, I wasn't going to finish it in time.  So, midweek, I put everything else (other than In Her Shoes, as that is my audio re-read) aside to concentrate on Kiss Carlo.  I'm pretty sure I'll finish it soon, and I don't have too much left in  Lift and Separate, so I'm expecting to finish at least those two this week.

So, I'm hoping for a lot of quality reading time this week...and a brand new collage for my next Monday update post.

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