Friday, August 11, 2017

Saturday Snapshot - August 12

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Well, we've had another week of heat and smoke (although the foot problem is markedly improved), so we didn't do much this week...which means I have no pictures to show for it.

So, I went back through my phone and realized how many Girl Scout related pictures I have.  If you read this blog regularly, you know that my daughter is a Brownie and I am her troop leader and, well, it's kind of big thing in our house.  I haven't posted many pictures from our Scouting adventures, only because almost all my pictures feature children who are not mine.  I'm not comfortable posting pictures of other peoples' kids (just as I wouldn't want someone else posting pictures of my kids).

I did, however, dig through a bit and found a few from the past year that have only my daughter to enjoy!

This picture is my daughter with the new s'more cookies.  Let me tell you, these were quite the hit in our house.  Did you not get a chance to try them?  The good news is that the Girl Scouts will be selling them again in 2018!

This was back at the Girl Scouts night at OMSI.  She's making a Bug Poster, which was part of earning her Bugs badge--which I was all about, because I really did not want to lead that badge!

These two pictures go together.  The top picture is of some pizza box solar ovens that her troop made as part of their Eclipse Badge activity.  The girls used these ovens to make s'mores...and the second picture is my daughter after eating her s'more.  And, yes, that is chocolate on her forehead!

Finally, here is the back of her vest with all her fun patches.  And yes, it is full.  And yes, she still has one more year as a Brownie.  I went ahead and got her a sash for all the fun patches she'll get this year, which she can wear to special Girl Scouts events.

I'm going to try to take more pictures of just her at Girl Scouts events and activities to share in upcoming posts, but this is a good snapshot of what she did this past year.

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