Friday, August 18, 2017

Saturday Snapshot - August 19

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Last weekend, we went quasi-camping up at my Father-in-law's house.  I say "quasi" camping because the only really camping part of the whole thing was that we slept in a tent.  We hadn't used our tent in a couple of years and my husband wanted to make sure everything was in good shape--and the kids wanted to sleep in a tent.  Otherwise, we made full use of the house and all its amenities!

On our first night, my husband, father-in-law, and I went out to Point No Point, an area I had heard much about but had never visited (the kids opted to stay home and play with their Uncle).  It was a perfect night for walking on the beach (which is rather unusual for this part of the world) and the kids would have loved it if we'd been able to drag them along!

I loved this driftwood chair set up by the old lighthouse

This is someone's house on the way to Point No Point

The old lighthouse at Point No Point.  It's now automated, but I think you can go in at certain times of the day

We followed the trail and found this staircase.  It is actually much longer than it looks in the picture, but we climbed the whole thing.  Unfortunately, there wasn't much past it.

We did, however, find this "Seahawk" up there!

This used to be a swamp.  My husband claims to be disappointed that this is the swamp that was drained....


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