Friday, August 4, 2017

Saturday Snapshot - August 5

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I was really hoping that I'd have some exciting pictures to share this week, but you may have read in earlier posts that we had a bit of an injury in the house.  We've also had not only a heatwave, but also terrible air quality (which we can blame on Canada), so we've been pretty much homebound all week.

So, this is my daughter right after I brought her home from her last day of Girl Scout day camp:

I can't actually call it a camp injury as she did this while waiting for the bus at pick up (I had sent her with her friend, so I wasn't there when it happened).  Apparently, she spent the last day of camp eating sugar and having people bring her stuff.  So, you know, the best day ever!

She wasn't really able to walk on it until Thursday, at which point we were in the midst of a heat wave, made worse by smoke from the fires in British Columbia.  So, there was much TV watching and I actually caught this minute of sibling peace!

But, honestly, that didn't last long.

Since it was so hot, we had the Air Conditioning going for most of the day....and my daughter found a way to get all the cool air for herself...

In case you can't tell, she has her blanket over the vent.  While she's showing off for this picture, she spent most of her time with all the cool air under the blanket...which meant the rest of the family room was not getting any air.  Sigh!  I mean, I can't fault her creativity, but it got really hot in here!

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