Friday, November 24, 2017

Saturday Snapshot - November 25

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(I had originally planned to post Thanksgiving pictures today, but I was so busy cooking and socializing that we didn't take any pictures!  Oops!)

Today I have our last pictures from last month's (oops, I guess it has been 2 months by the time this post goes live) trip to Bend.

On our last day in Bend, we headed out to the High Desert Museum.  I had gone there as a kid and loved it, but we hadn't had the chance to take our kids.  Well, it just so happened that there was a Girl Scout event scheduled at the museum the weekend we were going to Bend, so I signed up my daughter.

The event was an hour and half long and, during that time, my husband and son explored the museum.  Afterwards, my daughter and I did a quick run through of the museum--and now we know that we will have to go back!

This is a fabulous museum and it reminds me a lot of the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum in scope (here are some pictures from the last time we visited that museum).  Obviously, the exhibits are vastly different, but they both have the same "feel" to me and, if someone likes one of these museums, I guarantee they'll enjoy the other.

The Girl Scout program my daughter attended was about the water system.  It was a great program and I think it reinforced a lot of what she had been learning in school.

My favorite part of this museum is the homestead replica.  Here, my daughter is learning about cursive from a character from the early 1900s.

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