Friday, December 22, 2017

Saturday Snapshot - December 23

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We're getting close to Christmas, which means things are ramping up here.  I think I'm close to being ready, although there are always last minute things to work out.  Next week, I'll have Christmas pictures, but here are a few snaps from this past week in our corner of the world.

My husband decided to put up lights on the outside of the house, which we don't do every year.  Because of that, the lights were a bit of a mess when he got them out and had to spend a good amount of time untangling them...which he did while watching Ash vs. the Evil Dead (You know, a good Christmas movie).

I caught Alice looking mournful that she wasn't able to go outside.  I can't feel too sorry for was cold and rainy out there!

We do the Jolabokaflod in our house--we started it last year, so I guess I can call it a tradition now.  The idea is that we give each other books, but in reality I give everyone books.  Last year, I wrapped up one of my own books which was...okay, I guess.  My husband offered to buy me a book this year, but instead I gave him this stack of books from my TBR pile and asked him to pick one (and then hid the pile until afterwards so I don't figure out which book he picked through the process of elimination).  So, I'll find out on Christmas Eve which book I'll be reading!

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