Friday, January 12, 2018

Saturday Snapshot - January 13

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Well, 2018 has come in with a whimper for us.  Pretty much someone in our house has been sick every day this year.  My kids had the day off from school today--I had planned to get some errands done, but we ended up spending it in the doctor's office where both kids tested positive for Flu--but they tested positive for different strains!  This not only means that my husband and I are now exposed to 2 different versions of the flu, but the kids can reinfect each other!  As a result, I've had to quarantine the kids away from each other.  Luckily, we have 2 TV's in the house--and sickness means unlimited screen time--so at least THEY are happy.

All this is to say that I just don't have very interesting pictures today.  We've had to cancel a lot of plans and activities because of illness, so the best I can do right now are a couple of pictures of Alice.  So, enjoy!

Alice has been hanging out on her new cot during the days.  I think, because it is on a window, it gets too cold for her to sit there once the sun starts to set.  However, she has become much more willing to sit on our laps in the evenings.

Another habit she has is to rid herself of her collar whenever possible.  Well, she did that recently and was not at all happy when I found her collar and put it back on her.  There was, in fact, a fair amount of growling and hissing.  The rest of the day, she tried to kill me with her eyes and I honestly thought she was going to try to eat me in my sleep!

Seriously...this was her ALL DAY!  

I'm hoping to give you all something more interesting next week...otherwise, I'll at least have more Alice pictures!

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