Friday, February 23, 2018

Saturday Snapshot - February 24

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Guess what!  This week we had snow.  Let me rephrase that...this week we had "snow."  There wasn't much to it, although it was an icy snow.  That, of course, led to snow days for the kids.  They had 2 days off from school and 1 day with a late start.  Unfortunately, there wasn't enough snow for them to really play in it, but I think they enjoyed what ended up being an 8 day weekend.  

Here are a few pictures, although the best pictures were the ones I couldn't take.  The drive to take the kids to school yesterday was absolutely gorgeous--but I was driving, so no pictures.  These will have to do...

Day 1, which all melted...

Day 2, which mostly melted

Day 3, which wasn't as bad and led to a late-start school day.  Because of that, we took one of my daughter's friends to work and they made sure they could give a snowball fight the old college try first...

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