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Book Review: "The Lucky Ones" by Tiffany Reisz

The Lucky Ones Tiffany Reisz
Date finished: February 19, 2018
Date Published: February 13, 2018
ISBN: 9780778331162
Genre: Mystery
Source: TLC Book Tours
Highly Recommended

You might enjoy this book if you like: Psychological suspense, family novels, books that pose an ethical question

They called themselves “the lucky ones.” They were seven children either orphaned or abandoned by their parents and chosen by legendary philanthropist and brain surgeon Dr. Vincent Capello to live in The Dragon, his almost magical beach house on the Oregon Coast. Allison was the youngest of the lucky ones living an idyllic life with her newfound family…until the night she almost died, and was then whisked away from the house and her adopted family forever.

Now, thirteen years later, Allison receives a letter from Roland, Dr. Capello’s oldest son, warning her that their father is ill and in his final days. Allison determines she must go home again and confront the ghosts of her past. She's determined to find out what really happened that fateful night--was it an accident or, as she's always suspected, did one of her beloved family members try to kill her?

But digging into the past can reveal horrific truths, and when Allison pieces together the story of her life, she'll learns the terrible secret at the heart of the family she once loved but never really knew.

My Thoughts:
There have been only a few times in my reading life that a certain feeling came upon me.  I last remember it when I read Kazuo Ishiguro's Never Let Me Go and the best way that I can describe it is a spine-tingling excitement that something here is not quite right.  That feeling returned reading this book.

I am having a hard time writing about this book, because I don't actually want to talk about the story.  I mean, the story is well-constructed and fascinating and asks some tough questions.  But, to tell any more than that would be to betray some of the secrets that a reader would need to discover on their own.  So, I guess you can just take my word that it is worth the read.

There are two points, however, that I will talk about.  The first is that Reisz's writing is superb.  For some reason, I thought this was a debut novel and was glad to find out that there is a backlist to explore.  That feeling I talked about earlier, that things are not quite right, is not something that is easy to create.  It's too easy for an author to withhold too many facts and details in an effort to create the right tone, or to just go too far into pure campiness.  Reisz walks the line perfectly.

The other thing is more personal.  This book is set in Oregon, on the coast and in the area of Astoria--an area I know very well. For me, there is a real danger in reading books set in my area as I get far to particular about place and setting.  If you are familiar with the North Coast area, you will be right at home here.  If you have never visited, you'll be looking for the next flight west.  Reisz nails the setting and I was shocked to find out that she isn't an Oregonian.  The setting in this book is so critical to the plot (which I won't talk about) that I don't think the book would have worked had she failed at this point.

This was truly exceptional book and one that I've already begun to recommend widely.  I would love to see this novel get the readership that it deserves!

About the author:
Tiffany Reisz lives in Lexington, Kentucky with her husband, author Andrew Shaffer.

Connect with Tiffany at her website, on Facebook, and on Instagram.

I received a copy of this book in return for an honest review.  I received no other compensation for this post.

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