Friday, May 11, 2018

Saturday Snapshot - May 12

To participate in Saturday Snapshot: post a photo that you (or a friend or family member) have taken then leave a direct link to your post in the Mister Linky below. Photos can be old or new, and be of any subject as long as they are clean and appropriate for all eyes to see. How much detail you give in the caption is entirely up to you. Please don’t post random photos that you find online.

First of all, I'd like to apologize for no Saturday Snapshot post last week.  I normally have these posts ready to go before Friday, but this is May and, as anyone with kids in school will tell you, May is crazy.  Anyway, I found out on Friday that we would be having houseguests that evening--and, since my house was a mess, I had to go into frantic cleaning mode and did not have a chance to write up the Saturday Snapshot post.

I hope this never happens again, but if you ever discover that my Saturday Snapshot post is not up as scheduled, you can check my Facebook or Twitter accounts for updates.

Okay, back to the business of the day!  A few weeks ago, the kids and I decided to explore a new-ish park in our town.  I think the park actually opened over a year ago, but this was our first chance to visit it (even though it is only a 10 minute drive from our house).  We've recently gotten into geocaching and I knew that there were 3 caches hidden there, so the hunt was even more of a reason to head over.

There was a cache hidden somewhere on this bridge, but we weren't able to find it.

My son called this "the forest of faces"

We finally found a geocache!  This was my son's first find!

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