Friday, May 18, 2018

Saturday Snapshot - May 19

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A couple of weeks ago, we took the kids, as well as my husband's cousin and her son, to Champoeg State Historical Park, which is just outside of Newberg, Oregon (about 30 minutes from our house).  This is one of our favorite parks and we tend to visit it a couple of times a year.  In fact, my daughter and I had been camping there with her Girl Scout troop a few weeks before.

Champoeg is the site of a now-disappeared settlement that was the site of the territorial vote in 1843 on whether Oregon should become a US Territory or a British Territory (spoiler: we went for the US).  Unfortunately, the town was wiped out by a massive flood as it sits on a flood plain next to the Willamette River.  I guess urban planning was not a skill that most of the pioneers understood.

We went down to visit on Founder's Day, the 175th anniversary of that vote.  As usual, they had historical re-enactors, plus the descendants of those who voted were recognized.  My pictures here are a bit limited, as I didn 't feel comfortable including our nephew in any of the ones that I chose to share widely on the internet (but, hey, my kids are apparently okay!), but I have a few to share.

We put the kids to work, carrying up items from the fur traders' canoes.  Yes, there were fur traders who arrived by water all the way from Eugene.

Here is my son making a book mark with one of the artisans

On top of the "real" wagon

And a photo op inside the wagon!

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