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A Window Into My Week -- June 24, 2018

People, I haven’t done an update post since January—nearly 6 months!  All I can say is that life and, probably more accurately, reality got in the way.  The world is just a rotten mess at the moment and it has been taking a toll on me in so many ways.  My reading has tapered off.  My blogging has tapered off.  My anxiety has skyrocketed.  My house is a mess (although might not be a result of the current state of the world….).

I’m trying to at least get my little corner of the world in better shape.  I’ve been looking for ways to serve the community and I’m trying to get back into the things I enjoy—especially reading and writing.  I’m currently 17 books behind in my Goodreads Challenge, so this might be the first year that I won’t be able to complete it…but I’m going to keep trying.  I am trying to carve out some time each day to read, even if its just 15 minutes.  And I’m trying to get back into blogging.

I am, however, changing the focus on my blog.  I’ll still do book reviews, but not as often.  Instead, I’ll be writing more about my life and thoughts and all that jazz.  I originally started this blog as a lifestyle/mommy blog and maybe it is time to head back in that direction.

One change I’m making starts right now…I have a new format for this, as you’ll see below.  I’d love to hear your thoughts on it as I’m hoping to tweak it as we go along.

What I’ve been blogging….
Other than my Saturday Snapshot posts, not much. Hopefully, this section will be a little more substantial next week!

What I’ve been reading….
If you look at my Goodreads page, it looks like I have far too many books going.  (Un)fortunately, that’s not the case.  I’ve been downloading eBooks from the library and I don’t always finish them before they magically turn themselves in.  As a result, half of those books are ones I had to stop midway through and I am just waiting for my name to come up again on the holds list.

In reality, I’m currently working on 3 books.  The first is The One You Can’t Forget by Roni Loren.  This is the second book in her The Ones Who Got Away series, based on a group of adults who survived a school shooting while in high school.  I know, that sounds like an upper—but these are actually quite good and not as morose as you would expect.

I just began The Summer List by Amy Mason Doan, so I don’t have much to say about it right now.  However, I’ve heard fantastic things about it and it currently has a 4.45 rating on Goodreads, so I have high expectations.  Doan is an Oregon author and I’m all for supporting local writers!  I have opted not to review every book I read, but I am expecting to write up a review of this one.

When the great Anthony Bourdain died, I found out about a book he published called Grand Forks.  It is a collection of restaurant reviews written by Grand Forks, North Dakota resident Marilyn Hagerty.  Bourdain felt that her reviews were an essential record of the American food landscape and it is absolutely delightful.  I keep it by my computer and pick it up and read a review or two whenever my mind needs to check out of reality.

What I’m Watching…
The hubs and I have been binge-watching The Good Wife on Amazon Prime.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, we thoroughly enjoyed The Good Fight, but had never seen the previous series.  Now we’re fixing that situation.  As we’re somewhere in season 4, I’m pretty sure we’ll be watching this for a while to come.

I can’t help but compare The Good Wife to The Good Fight.  Don’t get me wrong, I am enjoying The Good Wife.  As far as broadcast shows go, it is one of the best I’ve seen.  Yet, I still find The Good Fight to be a better show.  The shows are, not surprisingly, intrinsically linked but there is a few fundamental difference, which I’m paraphrasing from a comment from a viewer of both shows that I saw on a discussion board.  The Good Wife is a political/legal show that is sometimes darkly comic.  The Good Fight is a darkly comic show that is sometimes political/legal.  I also feel that The Good Fight is a better balanced, and better written, show.  Does anyone else have thoughts on these two shows?

What I’m Listening to…
Once the kids are out of school, I fall way behind on all my podcasts.  So, I try to listen to those—and stay on top of at least my news and current events shows—when I can.  I need to start listening to Eleanor and Park (again) as I’m leading my book club discussion on it next month.  Now that I’ve laid all that out, I have to admit that I’ve pretty much just been listening to the Hamilton cast album.

What I’m Eating…
I’ve been trying to incorporate one fish dinner into my family’s meal each week.  You might think my kids are proving to be the obstacle with this, but no.  I’m the problem.  You see, I don’t like fish!

When I was very young, probably preschool aged, I became sick after eating fish and chips and refused to eat fish, seafood, or French fries until I was an adult.  I easily re-introduced French fries into my diet easily (admittedly, I may have been better off not doing that), but I’m still working on the fish.

There are two types of fish that I can stomach: halibut and salmon.  Since halibut is crazy expensive, it’s pretty much just salmon around here.  My kids, especially my daughter, love it and my husband would be happy to eat fish for every meal.  As for me, I eat until I reach my “ick” point.  But, I keep serving it….because I know I should…even if I don’t want to.

The other thing I’m working on is trying to get into the swing of meal planning.  I used to be quite good at it, but then I fell out of the habit and apparently completely forgot how to do it.  On the rare occasion that I am able to actually pull one together, I may share it here on the blog.

What I’m Doing…
Our first few weeks of summer have been a blast!  Last week, the kids had swimming lessons Monday through Thursday, and we hung out at the outdoor pool afterward.  On Friday, the kids and I headed out to Seaside to see my dad, who is camped out there for a week or two.  I’ll be sharing pictures of that trip in the next 2 Saturday Snapshots.

This week, the kids have Vacation Bible School and, for the first time in 5 years, I’ve opted not to volunteer.  I overextended myself last year with commitments and, for my own mental health—as well as my family’s—I realized I needed to step aside.  I’d like to say I’m doing exciting things with my free three hours a day, but I’m pretty sure I’ll just be going to the gym.

So, there is a window into my week.  I’ll be doing my best about getting this post up every week, so check back in next week!

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