Sunday, July 29, 2018

A Window Into My Week - July 29, 2018

I feel like I should start this post out with a big apology because this past week was a big fat NOTHING.  As I said last week, our heat pump (which serves as our air conditioner) broke down.  Also, we are having a heat wave, so score one for bad timing!  The good news is that it is fixed and life is better.  But the truth is that I do not do well in heat at all, so this will probably be the least impressive update ever.  I  mean, the short story is I spent the week picking up my daughter and whining about the heat.

What I've Been Blogging...
Other than my Saturday Snapshot post (which was actually written before this week), a big fat nothing.  It was too hot to blog.  Plus, I was so crabby that no one would have wanted to read what I would have written.

What I've Been Reading...
I'm still working on both Amy Mason Doan's The Summer List and Beck Dorey-Stein's From the Corner of the Oval.  I just can't concentrate on what I'm reading when I'm so uncomfortable, so most of my reading has been limited to when I'm somewhere else.  My son has an Occupational Therapy appointment once a week, which gives me about an hour to read.  Then, it was so hot one day, that I took him to the library so I could sit in the air conditioning and read while he played in the children's section.  I'm so close to being done with both of these and I'm hoping to have new books to tell you about next week.

What I've Been Watching...
Remember last week when I said that I was going to turn off my computer at 8pm?  Many of you commented on my wise decision to give up screen time.  Sadly, I'm not wise.  I didn't give up screen time--just computer time.  Instead, I spent the time sitting in my reading nook with a fan pointed at me while I spent some quality time with my friends, Netflix and Hulu.

I caught up with Harlots If you do not watch this show, I'm telling you to start.  It is fantastic.  It's fascinating and empowering and it does not pull its punches.  It's also entertaining as all get out and has some fantastic performances.  The second season is currently coming out (on Wednesdays) on Hulu and the entire first season is already available.

I also powered through the 4th season of The Girlfriend's Guide to Divorce.  If you aren't familiar with this show, think of it as either Sex and the City and/or Girls, but with middle-aged women and set in LA.  Don't get me wrong, the characters make some horrifically bad decisions, but I still find it far more relatable than the NYC based shows I mentioned.

I finally started Queer Eye.  I enjoyed the first series when it was on about 10 years ago, but I just hadn't gotten a chance to watch this one.  Well, last night I made the leap and I love it!  It is just the positive, heart-warming show this world needs right now.

What I've Been Listening To...
I gave up on my re-read of Eleanor and Park.  The problem was that I couldn't listen to it with earbuds (because bad things happen if I don't keep an ear on the kids) and I couldn't listen to it with a speaker, but I didn't really want my kids listening in on it.  It wasn't a huge deal--I'm well acquainted with the story and was able to discuss it without the "reread."

Other than that, I'm working through my podcast backlog.  I also found a playlist online called "Ultimate Happy," which I recreated for myself.  I added a few more songs that make me happy and am going through the rest of the songs to make sure they hit the right note with me.  Once I feel it is just what I want, I'll share it!

What I've Been Eating...
Whatever doesn't involve cooking.  I brought in some pre-cooked foods, had my husband grill a bit, and put the Instant Pot to use but this week was not the most inspired food week.  I am going to try to get a meal plan for this coming week up for Monday.

What I've Been Doing...
This week has been about trying to survive the heat.  As mentioned above, my daughter had her second week of Day Camp this week.  My friend (whose daughter is my daughter's best friend) would take them in the morning and then I'd pick them up in the afternoon.  I won't lie--the air-conditioned car made it all worth it.

This next week will be a low one for us.  Other than a few appointments, we don't have anything on the schedule.  I see many mornings at the pool for us!  Plus, things are finally going to cool down at the end of the week, which will be so wonderful!

I'm off now to something that promises to be very fun!  But you'll have to wait until next week to hear about it!

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