Monday, July 2, 2018

Menu Plan Monday - July 2, 2018

Well, goes nothing!

I'm one of those people who has always struggled with meal planning.  As soon as I sit down to figure out what we're going to eat for the week, I forget every single food I'm willing to put in my mouth.  I know that life just flows better when I have a plan, so I've been trying to get the whole meal planning process down. 

One thing I do know about myself is that I am more likely to do something if I feel like I am obligated to someone for it.  That is where you all come in.  Don't worry, your part is easy.  All you have to do is read my post.

For my part, though, I have to actually do the thing.  I have to plan meals (just dinners) for my family in advance and then post them.  I will be linking up with Laura at I'm an Organizing Junkie when she comes back from hiatus later this month (in the meantime, I'll just use her banner!), so I'm looking forward to seeing other people's plans as well.

I (try to) plan my meal Saturday-Friday.  That way I can do the bulk of my grocery shopping on Saturday, although I frequently do a second shopping trip a few days later for the produce items to consume later in the week.  Because of that, I'll already be 2 days into my menu plan by the time you all see it--which I guess isn't a big deal, but I feel like I should share that.

Also, I'm hoping to try at least 1 new recipe a week and I'll indicate that in my plan when appropriate.  I'll also link to any recipes that can be found online (which doesn't happen this week...sorry!). 

Got it?  Okay, here we go!

Saturday, June 30
Pecan-crusted buttermilk chicken
Roasted Brussels Sprouts
Corn on the Cob

Sunday, July 1
Spaghetti Carbonara

Monday, July 2
Shake 'n Bake pork chops

Tuesday, July 3
Taco Pasta

Wednesday, July 4
(This will be a cookout and will probably count as lunch and dinner)
Potato Salad
Veggies with Red Pepper Hummus (New recipe)
Rhubarb Cherry Crumble (New Recipe)

Thursday, July 5
Rotisserie Chicken from the store
(We may also have leftovers from the 4th)

Friday, July 6
Instant Pot Pasta
[There is no real recipe for this, but here is how I make it:
I take 1 can of pasta sauce (we use Newman's Own Italian Sausage and Peppers) and 1 box of pasta (we use Barilla Tri-Color Rotini) and put both in the Instant Pot.  I then fill the pasta jar about 1/2 full with water and add that.  I cook it all on high for 1/2 the time it would take to cook the pasta on the stove.  For us, that would be 3 minutes.  So easy, I always have the ingredients in my pantry, and the kids love it!]

Not bad for a first try at this!  I'm not going to lie, you'll probably see the same foods over and over again, but I am looking to expand my rotation a bit.

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