Friday, July 6, 2018

Saturday Snapshot - July 7

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Welcome back to our Seaside trip.  While I'm writing this in June, I'm anticipating at least some 4th of July pictures, and those will show up next week (hopefully!)

Anyway, back to Seaside.  After lunch and the carousel ride--and a quick trip back to Gramps' RV so that the kids could change their clothes--we headed out to the beach.  I have to confess, the Seaside beach is probably my least favorite beach in Oregon.  Frankly, it's just boring and, even when it isn't crowded, it's crowded.  However, it is long and flat and ideal for kids and wading in the Pacific Ocean.  Also, it was convenient, so we went.  The kids, as usual, had a great time.  My dad's ankle was bothering him, so he stayed up on the Boardwalk.  I'll admit that I really missed my husband in that moment, as one kid wanted to make sandcastles and the other wanted to wade and there was only one of me to watch both (I finally convinced the builder to head for the water).  We stayed for about an hour, but the kids made the most of it.

The first thing my son wanted to do was make sand angels!

The one or two minutes that I had both kids making a sand castle....

And....both kids made it to the water!

One thing I do like about the beach here is that they have showers to rinse the sand off before you head back up to the Boardwalk.  Since both kids were covered with sand, it was necessity....

A cute kid pic....see all those people behind them?  This was a very low-crowd day at this beach!

And a picture with Gramps!

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