Friday, August 24, 2018

Saturday Snapshot - August 25

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One of our family traditions is to go to the Salem Art Fair in July.  We don't go every year, but I try to make it most years.  I think that I'm really the only one who enjoys it, but the rest of the family is usually a good sport about it.

I believe that I posted last year about our visit, but now you get this year's pictures!  As usual, I don't have too many pictures.  Because so many of the artists at the festival don't want their works photographed, I don't take pictures inside the festival--but I do take a few on the edges.

One thing I always have to do is get a Chi-Yo, or Vietnamese Spring Roll, that the church I attended growing up, sells.  They are delicious!

Salem is famous for its attack owl, Owl Capone.  This sign was actually designed by the graphics department at MSNBC as a joke, but the city adopted it and you can buy your own sign as a fundraiser.

One end of the park has this amazing playground.  It is actually more amazing than when I was a child--they updated it a few years ago.  My kids absolutely love it!

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