Friday, October 19, 2018

Saturday Snapshot - October 20

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I actually had selected some different pictures to share today, but I made a last minute change.  These two pictures, which I took today (Friday) are both timely and I felt they deserved to jump the queue.  Don't worry, the pictures I originally planned for this week will appear next week.

First off, I received my ballot today.  Please, if you are registered to vote in the United States--VOTE!  in the 2016 election, 40% of registered voters did not practice their constitutional right to vote...and look where we ended up!  We have a B-list reality TV star in the Oval Office, ballooning debt, fractured alliances, more scandals than I can count, civil rights under attack, and kids in cages.  If the voter turnout had only gotten up to 65% (from 60%), we could have avoided this rejected plot from House of Cards.

In sadder news, Todd Bol, who began the Little Free Library movement, died this week of pancreatic cancer.  I only found out about it today, but my son and I made a point to drop a book off at one of our local Little Free Libraries in his honor.  The choice, The Goldfinch, is also significant as it was a favorite book of a dear friend who also died from pancreatic cancer.

Please, vote and read a book.  That isn't too much to ask, is it?

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