Friday, November 16, 2018

Saturday Snapshot - November 17

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My daughter's Girl Scout troop has been trying to do an outdoor activity every month (although I don't think it is going to happen in November or December--it's just too busy!) and, in October, we took a hike in Portland's Forest Park on the Macleay Trail to the Witch's Castle.  

It was an easy hike, as well as very popular!  I think every dog in Portland was there that day.  The girls loved it--I think they ended up spending about 45 minutes just exploring the building.  

It isn't an Oregon hike until you spot a Banana Slug!

A lovely view of North Portland as we left the park.  The trailhead is below us.

As of 2019, I will have a new blogging home.  Instead of moving this blog, this one will remain as is and I will be setting up shop in a new location.  More details will come as we get closer to 2019!

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