About the West Metro Mommy

The West Metro Mommy is a Christian Lady trying to navigate life and motherhood in a suburb of a city that embodies weirdness without losing her sense of humor...or her mind.

As close as you can be to a Native Oregonian without actually being born here, I grew up in Salem. I headed off to the east coast for school and then to work for a few years, before returning to Oregon and moving to the Portland area to join the corporate world. Finally, after getting married to a wonderful, fun-loving Engineer (yes, they exist–they are rare, but they do exist) I finally and gleefully gave up my corporate drone status to be a full-time Mommy. I have a young daughter and younger son and I live in a messy house in the west suburbs (The house will be clean when the youngest is in kindergarten!).

I've blogging for years and reading for even longer.  I decided it was time to streamline and combine my two interests into one entity...a book blog.

I read a variety of books, from literary fiction to memoirs to cookbooks to fiction. I also read and review children's books as my role as "Mommy Extraordinaire."  I will accept solicitations for reviews, but I reserve the right to refuse books based on subject matter, my limited time or just my interest level.

My reviews are genuine and just because I agree to review a book does not mean that I will definitely give it a good review.

I can be contacted at westmetromommy(at)gmail(dot)com.